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Privacy Policy (Personal Information Protection Policy) 
Privacy Policy (Personal Information Protection Policy)
Koyo Seiki Co., Ltd. (“the company”) has established the following personal information protection policy and its accompanying system and arrangements, and have made sure that all employees are thoroughly been informed of its importance and management system to ensure appropriate handling and protection of personal information.
Appropriate Management of Personal Information
The company has devised appropriate security management measures and strictly manages personal information in order to maintain personal information of its customers in an accurate and updated condition, and prevent illegal access to personal information, and loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc., of personal information. Measures taken include maintenance and control of the security system and thorough education of employees.
Intended Uses of Personal Information
The company asks customers to register their personal information, such as name, E-mail address, and phone number, when making an inquiry on this website. The company shall use the personal information provided by its customers within the range of specified purposes. Such personal information shall be used for communicating from the company or sending a reply mail or information materials to its customers as a response to various inquiries and requests.
Prohibition of Disclosure and Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
The company is pledged to properly manage personal information provided by its customers and will not provide any personal information to third parties except for cases where any of the following apply.
・Customers agree to disclose or provide their own personal information.
・The company discloses personal information to its subcontractors as needed to render services requested by its customer.
・Laws or regulations require disclosure.
Security Measures for Personal Information
The company shall undertake the utmost security measures to ensure accuracy and security of personal information.
Requests, Revisions, Deletions, etc. of Personal Information
Whenever a customer requests disclosure, revision, or deletion of his/her personal information that is in the company's possession, the company shall comply appropriately after ascertaining the identity of the individual making the request.
Compliance with Laws and Regulations, and Revision
Policies for personal information protection are subject to revision when required by changes to laws and regulations. The company will strive to review its policies as needed and make improvement when necessary or advisable.
Inquiries Concerning Personal Information
The company shall accept inquiries, etc., concerning personal information at the following place.
General Affairs Department, Koyo Seiki Co., Ltd.
422 Kuramochi, Chikusei City
Ibaraki, 300-4515, Japan
TEL. +81-296-52-1311 FAX. +81-296-52-0236